Fasle Hackle 2022. crib spring, paint, assay trays, pipettes, zip ties, extension cord. 53"x 29" x7".

(a)drift 2022. unraveled marine rope, painted staples. 84"x 75"x 16"


Confronted with an overwhelming quantity of waste material, the artist takes cues from the functions and forms of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF): sorting, picking, pushing, bundling; piles, scrambles, bales, belts, cobwebs. Hands, the machines, process and form anew- a hopeful cycle and a haphazard reality tied into the global supply chain and its fluctuating demands for reclaimed materials. Portability is paramount, toting work back and forth between home and studio in a way of working necessitated by the unpredictable ebb and flow of pandemic lockdowns. A system of piecework emerges from the sorted piles of salvage: bits of a whole, undone and refined through textile-informed handlings. Painted staples stitch unwound fishing ropes into yo-yo quilt circles, assay trays become grids for embroideries of plastics. The past lives of these materials are veiled but not denied, their wear celebrated for its part in creating a palette of variable textures and colors. Their new forms drift, fray, and float in their unexpected afterlife.